WebApps with LocalStorage and AppCache/Create an AppLSAC

In this learning resource you will be able to create an AppLSAC. Defining in 5 minutes.

  • The generated AppLSAC will be an editor for a data format of your choice.
  • The data will be stored in a JSON and the data format will be defined in a JSON schema.
JSON Editor as AppLSAC for loading and saving JSON files and processing the file in the browser with a JSON Editor

Defining an appropriate data structure for your purpose and domain is a learning task on its. In this learing resource we will focus on a workflow from a given JSON towards the generatd JSON Editor as AppLSAC.

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Create a JSON Editor as AppLSAC Edit

The JSON Editor uses the upload feature of browsers for a server upload to load a local JSON file into the browser without submitting the file to servers on the internet (see AppLSAC/Load). The download feature of browsers for files from remote servers is used to save files to your local file system (see AppLSAC/Save). The difference is that the JSON file in not download from the internet. The JSON file was generated in the browser.

JSON2Schema is an AppLSAC Edit

JSON2Schema is itself an AppLSAC[3]. If you start JSON2Schema directly from GitLab your run it as AppLSAC-1. It you download JSON2Schema from GitLab your can run it as AppLSAC-2 i.e. you can perform the JSON Editor generation also offline in your browser.

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