Ways of making education more interesting for children

Intro edit

Lots of things can make the lesson more fun.Things like games, songs, quizzes, puzzles, projects where students make something fun ... although a lot of it can also depend on the teacher's personality.This is an extremely powerful tool. When children are having fun or if they find something amusing, they will do whatever it is again and again and again. It's amazing.

Not only will they want you to do it again then, but the next time you see them, they'll ask you, "Do that thing again." (Problem is you have to remember what it was.) Children do this and love it. It's one way to learn about morphemes. Tell them you want an elephant-pencil. "An elephant-pencil? No, no a monkey-pencil! No, no. A ROCKET-pencil." "A pocket-pencil? What's that?" Children will jump in and start talking! As a teacher or at any profession, you can get very bored with the same thing every day.

Games and new activities will bring some new life to your classes but you might think about some new things for yourself. Further education as a teacher may bring some new horizons. In designing lesson plans this can be a key point for game/activity selection and/or creation, as well as presentation. If the students find something amusing they will want to do it over and over again.

Useful Tools edit

  • Funny words: Don't be afraid to make up words or combine words to make non-sense. Children might bring you a lot of new ideas.
  • Build up! Be Positive! Teach hard! The first thing to make class more interesting for students is to be interested & enthusiastic about what you want to do during the lesson.

Switch around with a range of activities, like watching a video one week, & then listening to a song next week, followed by newspapers or magazines, & then conduct a role play, etc... . I think its best to use tasks that the students will find relavant as well, so that they want to learn, rather than something irrelavant.

  • Also build on teacher-student relations. Get to know your students, & let them get to know about you too, this way not only will they feel more comfortable around you, but you'll feel alot more comfortable teaching them as well.

Lastly, when assigning them tasks, make sure that they are easy enough to successfully complete, but not too easy that they will think it is a waste of time.

  • Comic strips

A useful way to grab children's attention is by comics. Children like colourful cartoons, and if a message of learning is concealed inside the cartoon the child will take it in better than they would in a boring black and white book.