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The videos being discussed here refer to those online videos for entertainment purpose, for example, the videos found on some video-sharing websites like youtube,, vimeo and yahoo video etc. These videos are called streaming media[1], because rather than waiting until the entire video downloaded to start playing, they can be played while the downloading process is going on. However, some non-streaming videos like WMV and AVI are exclusive of discussion.

Flash Video edit

FLV(flash video) is one of the popular and complimentary streaming media formats used to deliver video contents over internet using Adobe Flash Player, which is offered by Adobe company and over 95% internet users have it installed in their computers. FLV is such a small format that can be easily delivered over internet and that’s why it is widely adopted as a common video format by some famous video-sharing websites like Youtube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, metacafe, and so on.

Online Flash Video Player edit

In order to play flash videos on website, personal blog, forum..., a web-based flash video player is needed.

There are at least two ways to create such a flash video player:

For professionals: edit

Adobe Flash CS4 Professional plus ActionScript can be used to create flash video players. However, ActionScript is a complex computing scripting language, it may require relatively more time and effort to achieve some specific functions of flash video player that is going to be created.

For amateurs: edit

A relatively easy way is available at, which provides a simple and user-friendly tool named Moyea Web Player to create and customize flash video players. Please check the detailed tutorial to learn more.

After the flash video player was created, just embed it to web page with HTML embed code or SWFObject

FLV Encoder edit

FLV encoder acts as a converter that can convert those non-streaming video formats like AVI, WMV, ect to FLV for playback over internet with just few mouse-clicks. Currently, Moyea Software has developed Video4Web Converter that is free and powerful enough to ensure the output FLV format shall meet all-level customers’ demands.

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Check the following useful video tutorials for reference:

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