Video conferencing/Handwriting and Annotations

The aim of this learning unit is to be able to deal with the handwritten development of documents and the idea of handwritten solutions in video conferencing.

Use of digital pens in the open source video conference BigBlueButton
digital pen mouse for handwritten annotation
Digital tablet with pen for handwritten annotations

Discuss student solution on paperEdit

Analyze the use of LibreOffice-Draw to create diagrams that are discussed collectively. In addition, handwritten documents can be drawn ideas developed within the video conferencing software. These collaboratively developed ideas can then be integrated into the office software via screenshot and transferred as a copy to the LibreOffice-Draw file for further processing.

Digital pens for life notation and annotation of solutionsEdit

You can use digital mouse pens as input media or tablets with digital pens to develop collaborative solutions of a drawing nature. Analyze the possibilities of

Learning TaskEdit

  • (Comparison Digital Whiteboards for Collaboration) Compare handwriting and annotations of PDF documents with digital OpenSource white boards (see Youtube Demo by Marlon Lückert 2020[1] or GitHub-Repository Whiteboard VR[2]). What are the differences what are common features? Explain which Open Source tool would you use for different use cases!
  • (Annotated PDF Offline and share VidConf) Compare annotation of PDF documents in BigBlueButton with other OpenSource Tools like Xournal++ for the annotation of documents. What are similarities and what are differences? (e.g. the possibility to save annotated documents in a video conference session, collaborative development of documents, ...)
  • (Hardware and Driver Check) See Basic Hardware and Driver Check to test hardware in Firefox on Linux, Windows, MacOSX if the hardware support the basic features of mouse movement and emulation of drawing with pressing of the left mouse button. This is just a basic feature hardware. In generell processing the pressure on the stylus/digital pen, that is tranfered into link thickness, brightness or transparency of the lines is not required. So it is recommended to perform a basic hardware and browser test on your device and operating system before you buy the hardware for your educational unit.
  • (BigBlueButton Video conferencing) Explain how collaboratively notes and diagrams can be developed in a Video conferencing environment.

See alsoEdit


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