Using the All Critical Learning (ACL) Model

All Critical Learning (ACL) ModelEdit

When evaluating complex tasks it is often important to be able to customize the criteria to be evaluated. For this reason, the ACL instrument is often the preferred tool because it allows the user to tailor the evaluation criteria to be evaluated to the situation. The user can select criteria like:

  • What is the immediacy of performance? (How soon will will the task be performed after being trained?)
  • How difficult is the task to perform?
  • How often is the task performed?
  • How critical is the performance?
  • Are there important safety concerns that need special consideration?
  • What are the consequences if the task is not performed correctly?

The ACL Data Analysis Form not only provides a form where you can tailor the evaluation criteria, but it also allows each criteria to be independently evaluated and rated on a scale from 0 to 7 where a higher final rating indicates a greater need for training. The typical rating scales is as follows:

0 = Not Necessary. No need to consider; already identified as not requiring training.
1 = Weekly important. These probably don't need to be trained either.
3 = Important. Consider including as supporting information
5 = Strongly Important. These should definitely be trained if possible.
7 = Essential. Must be trained; an absolute must.

When all criteria for a task are graded, the scores are totaled and entered in the last column. In the example there are 9 critera, so the maximum final rating would be 63. (9 criteria times 7 points each = 63 points)

Experts consider the ACL model [also known as the Multiple Factor Model (MFM)] the best model because the user can tailor the evaluation criteria to fit the context for its use. Adding selection criteria makes the instrument harder and more time consuming to use, but it also makes it more accurate when used carefully.

Evaluation criteria can be tailored to fit the application and context
Can provide a fairly comprehensive set of data for the task
Some believe it provides the best analysis of any model
Analysis is time consuming
Analysis is difficult
Assigning a weight factor can be difficult and is subjective

ACL Data Analysis FormEdit

ACL Job AidsEdit

ACL Data Collection Form
Instructions for using the ACL Instrument
All Critical Learning - Practical Exercise


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