User Page Design is a collaborative learning resource based on technical and esthetic considerations. Sometimes inquiries are also needed. Imaginative model user page designs may be created, or existing users may request new profiles.

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Answer for Social Networking

1.)What is the site you selected? A: I choose Cellufun website.

2.)What is the site's purpose and why is it considered a web 2.0 site? A: The site purpose is to entertain the user by playing social game on PC or mobile, moreover the user has an opportunity to join a social group while playing game, so user can get to know more people. It is considered as a web 2.0 site because the user get to talk to each other on the site, there is an action on the web-page among the users.

3.)What is your favorite website and why? A: In all four sites, Cellufun is my favorite website, because after you sign up to get a user you will be given a credit for using in the site, and you can use the credit on buying things at shopping mall in a game

such as new shirt, so it like a real thing. moreover you can play game or invite more people to join the site to earn more credit, or use real money from credit card to buy point.

The topic I chose is Cellufun

The purposes of this site is for playing games, chat and find shopping places

This website is my favorite website because it is already fulfilled.

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  • I would like to ask for a new user page profile. I am willing to become a custodian, but I dont have enough technical skills at this time to make it, but I would like to have it good, because of custodian function.--Juandev 00:20, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
-->NOTE that first we have to know something about each user, so we should use inquiry.

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