Upload Video to Wikimedia

Target Audience edit

Someone who wants to upload video to wikimedia. Apple devices typically record in Ogg format. This will upload to wikimedia without conversion. This tutorial is for someone who needs to convert to Ogg (and doesn't want to use Youtube).

Starting Point edit

Have a video in a format that you need to convert to Ogg.

Replication Goal edit

Turn video into Ogg file that can be uploaded to wikimedia.

Procedure Install Mirco, Use to Convert and Upload edit

  1. Download MiroVideoConverter, install, don't install additional free software it comes with
  2. Choose video to convert, oggtheora format to convert to
  3. Look for video in "My Files","MiroVideoConvertor" folder,has the extension "ovg" .. and upload at wikimedia commons

Recommendation: Use youtube edit

The only benefit of a wikiversity video upload, is the automatic creation of a thumbnail. The drawbacks are:

Miro installation instructions
  1. Reason: Play back randomly stops, don't know how long video is
  2. Reason: Youtube handles conversion for you
  3. Reason: Clicking on the side thumbnail, plays video in the thumbnail .. plays distorted and can not see anything
  4. Reason: Have to click on the overlapping squares to play in larger window
  5. Full screen does not always work in all browsers
  6. Quality is reduced during the upload process, compare with these youtube uploads (choose high resolution by clicking on the gear):
installing Miro
converting mp4 to ogg
uploading ogg to wikimedia