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Problem R* 1.6

Show that is nonlinear with respect to

Given EquationEdit

Equation (2) from p.5-4 gives the following expansion for the equation of motion of the wheel/magnet



It is assumed that the term   is linear.


Solved without any assistance from previous reports

From equation 1.6.1 we get,



For an operator or a function to be linear, it has to satisfy the following condition:



This condition can be broken down into two separate conditions which have to be satisfied simultaneously,

1. The condition of homogeneity:



2. The condition of linearity



As both of these conditions have to be satisfied simultaneously, an operator or function that does not satisfy any one of the two conditions above can be proved as nonlinear.

Initially, checking the condition of homogeneity (Equation 1.6.4)



Now substituting   for  .



Since the term   is linear, we can write:



But if the term is to be homogenous then,



It is evident from Equations (1.6.7) and (1.6.8) that,






So the given term   is not homogenous with respect to  . As it is one of the two conditions to be simultaneously satisfied for linearity, we can say that term   is also not linear with respect to  .