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Mtg 30: Mon, 14 Mar 11


Comp. Trap. rule error:





HW*4.8: Comp. Simpson error

HW*4.8: See HW*2.4 p.7-3

1) Use error estimate for Taylor Series, Compare Trap., Compare Simpson, to findn

Q(10-6), and compare to number results.

2)Numerically find the power ofhin error : Plot

logerror vslogh , and meas. slop with least square

(lin. regression).




HW*4.9: pf. of SSET, G(.) in (1) p.19-1

A)Redo the pf for 2 cases

Print out where pf breaks down.

B)For G(t) as in(1)p.19-1(w/t5), find

G(3)(0)  and follow same steps in pf to

see what happen.


HW*4.10:1)Don'tUse matlabtrapz forcompare

your code to produce Table 5.1 n A.p.255(p.22-4)


(use WAto find I)