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EGM6321 - Principles of Engineering Analysis 1, Fall 2009Edit

Mtg 15: Thur, 24Sept09

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Ex.1 P.14-4  :


  finite element basis function associated with node J = "hat" function.


  , but  

Ex.1 P.14-4 : Cubic Spline (Bexler, cubic Hermitian)

Page 15-2



Cubic   4 Coefficients   4 degrees of freedom per element   2 degrees of freedom per node (each element has 2 nodes)


HW:  , but  , for  

Page 15-3





  , where A and B are constants

Where this can be rewritten for x as:   , where A and B are constants


Page 15-4


Euler Equations: Special Homogeneous Ln_ODE_VC


Where   and  

Two methods of solution:

Method 1: Transfer of variables  

Method 2: Method of undetermined coefficients  

(Or Trial Solution) K.etal(2003)