Universal Bibliography/Children's non-fiction

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This part of the Universal Bibliography is a bibliography of children's non-fiction books.[1] Age ranges are publishers recommendations except where otherwise stated.

Metabibliography edit

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Series of books edit

General series

  • Eyewitness Guides. Dorling Kindersley.
  • Dorling Kindersley Pockets
  • Kingfisher Pocket Books
  • Little Library. Kingfisher.
  • Spotlights. Andromeda Oxford.
  • Usborne Illustrated Dictionaries
  • I Spy. Michelin.
  • MADABOUT series. Piccolo Books.
  • How and Why Wonder Books. Carousel.
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  • Black's Junior Reference Books
  • MacDonald Junior Reference Library
  • MacDonald First Library
  • Study Books. Bodley Head.
  • Fun Fax
  • Junior Fun Fax
  • "The Ultimate . . . Sticker Book". Dorling Kindersley.
  • Blackwell's Learning Library.
  • Blackwell. Little Learning Library.
  • Look Books. Closer Look Books. Hamish Hamilton.
  • Observer's Books. Frederick Warne.
  • Warne's Picture Reference Books

General series for A Level, O Level, etc

  • A Level Course Companions. Letts.
  • Longman Revise Guides
  • Macmillan Master Series
  • Oxford Revision Guides
  • Courcy (ed). Instant Revision. Collins.
  • Coordination Group Publications
  • Lonsdale School Revision Guides
  • Collins Revision

History series

  • Cambridge History Programme (GCSE)
  • Tonge and Hepplewhite (eds). Discovering History. National Curriculum History. Causeway Press. (Key Stages 3 & 4).
  • Rebuilding the Past. Oxford University Press.
  • Adventures from History. Ladybird Series 561.
  • Tim Wood. A History of Britain. Paperbird Series F895. Ladybird History of Britain.
  • Discovering. Ladybird Series 861.
  • Jump! History Books.
  • Growing Up in Other Times. Wayland. (Age 9-13)
  • Horrible Histories. Scholastic.
  • Amanda Earl (ed). How They Lived. Wayland.
  • Day That Made History. Dryad Press. (Age 12-16)
  • John Robottom (ed). Making the Modern World. Longman.
  • The Ancient World in Action. Bell and Hyman. (Classical Studies O-Level)
  • He Went With. Harrap.

Geography series

  • Unstead (ed). Looking at Geography. 1957 to 1960

Art series

  • Ernest Raboff. Art for Children. Harper Trophy. Harper & Row. (Books on individual artists)
  • How to Draw. Usborne.
  • Craft Topics. Watts Books.
  • Build Your Own. Siena (imprint of Parragon Books).

Cutaway series and periodicals

  • Look Inside Cross-Sections. Dorling Kindersley.
  • "The Eagle" magazine published many cutaways

Encyclopedias edit

  • The Hamlyn Children's Encyclopedia. 1971. Rev Ed: 1985.
  • The Junior General Knowledge Encyclopedia. Octopus Books. 1978. BCA. 1979.
  • Junior Pears Encyclopaedia. 4th Ed: 1964
  • Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia. Dorling Kindersley. 1st Ed: 1991. 8th Ed: 2016. Abridged: [8]
  • Kingfisher Encyclopedia of Everything
  • Pocket Encyclopedia. Kingfisher Pocket Books.

Science encyclopedias

  • Leslie Basford (ed). Junior Science Encyclopaedia. Sampson Low, Marston & Co. 1961.
  • Hamlyn Junior Science Encyclopedia. 1973.
  • Times Junior Science Encyclopedia. 1997.
  • The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia. Review: 47 SLJ 86
  • The Usborne Science Encyclopedia

History encyclopedias

  • The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
  • The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

Geography encyclopedias

  • Jenny Tyler, Lisa Watts and Tessa Campbell. Children's Encyclopedia of Our World. Usborne. 1976.
  • The Kingfisher Geography Encyclopedia

Annuals edit

Annuals that contain non-fiction articles

  • Blue Peter
  • Daily Mail Annual for Boys and Girls

History edit

World History

  • Plantagenet Somerset Fry. The Hamlyn Children's History of the World. 1972.
  • The Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World. 1993.
  • DK Illustrated History of the World. Dorling Kindersley. 1994.
  • The Usborne Book of World History
  • The Kingfisher Atlas of World History

Twentieth Century

  • The Usborne History of the Twentieth Century

Science and technology edit

Outer space, astronomy and spacecraft

  • Heathcote, Corwin and Staples. The Newsround Book of Space. BBC Books. 1992. Paperback 1993.
  • The Kingfisher Space Encyclopedia
  • Stott and Twist. Space Facts. Dorling Kindersley Pockets. 1995.
  • Space. Little Library. Kingfisher Books. (Age 6-9)
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  • Spacecraft. Domino Series. Fontana.
  • Bruce LaFontaine. History of Space Exploration Coloring Book. Dover Coloring Books. Dover Publications. New York. 1989. Google. Big Book of Space Exploration to Color. 2008. Google. Also includes "Exploring the Solar System" (1998) and "Constellations of the Night Sky" (2003).
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  • Jean Atelsek. All About Computers. Ziff Davis Press. 1993. (Age 10+)
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  • Carey, David. How it works - The Computer. Wills & Hepworth. 1971. (Ladybird Series 654: How it works)

Other edit

  • The Counties of England: A Geographical Game. John Jaques & Son Ltd. (Educational card game). Commentary: [9] [10].
  • Historical Pastime. (A New Game of the History of England). 1802. 1830. (Educational board game). [11] [12] Commentary: [13] [14] [15] [16]
  • Chronology: A Card Game for all Time. Spear's Games. 1996. (Age 12 to adult)

Notes edit