Understanding Creation Myths/What is a Creation Myth?

In this lesson, you will begin to understand what a creation myth is, and where they can be found in ancient civilizations.


A creation myth is a myth dedicated to explaining the creation of the universe, humanity and other key factors. Creation myths were widely believed in the classical world, and remain popular as stories today.


Key Features of a Creation MythEdit

Creation myths in the classical world are very similar. Most involve the following key features:-

  • A state of chaos
  • The arrival of an organized, ordered, all-powerful being
  • The creation of the Earth, stars, etc, by this all-powerful being

Ancient Civilisations with Creation MythsEdit

Egyptian CreationEdit

Though you will not be tested on the Egyptian stories of creation, it is good to understand that the Egyptians had a detailed story of creation, similar to other ancient civilizations. In Egyptian mythology, a pyramid-shaped mound (a benben) rose out a sea of chaos called "Nu". From this point on, the story was different. In one of the most popular versions, on top of the mound stood the sun-god Ra, the most powerful of all the Egyptian gods.

Greek CreationEdit