Understanding Creation Myths/The 12 Olympians (Greek Myth)

In this lesson, you will understand who the 12 olympians were in Greek mythology and how they came to power.


The 12 olympians were the "ruling council" of the Greek gods. Each of the 12 gods represented an important factor in Greek lifestyle. For example, Aphrodite was the goddess of love and Dinoysus the god of wine. The olympians were never particularly good rulers, they were always fighting and causing terrible things to happen on Earth. The olympians were always on the edge of being overthrown because of their actions.



The 12 olympians are listed below:

  1. Zeus - the god of the sky, lightning and king of the gods
  2. Hera - the wife of Zeus, goddess of family and queen of the gods
  3. Posiedon - the god of the sea, the brother of Zeus
  4. Demeter - the goddess of the harvest
  5. Athena - the goddess of warfare and knowledge, daughter of Zeus and Metis
  6. Dionysus - the god of wine, theater and ecstasy OR Hestia - the goddess of the hearth or fireside <this position is disputed>
  7. Apollo - the god of the sun, son of Zeus and Leto, brother of Artemis
  8. Artemis - the goddess of the moon, daughter of Zeus and Leto, sister of Apollo
  9. Hermes - the god of travelers,thieves and also the Messenger of the Gods.
  10. Ares - The God Of War.
  11. Hephaestus - The God Of Blacksmiths,Fires.He is the blacksmith of the gods and has made many things like the thrones of the gods, Armour of Achilles,etc. He is crippled as Hera had thrown him off Mount Olympus because he was too ugly. Remarkably this Peace loving god is the Husband Of Aphrodite, The Goddess of Beauty.
  12. Aphrodite - She is the goddess of Love,Beauty and Sexuality. She is the wife of Hephaestus but has affairs with many other gods like Ares, Poseidon and Dionysus.She is the mother of Deimos(God of Terror),Phobos(God Of Fear) and Eros(God Of Sexuality).