Undergraduate education: A systems approach

What are the basic constraints in education:

  * time
  * money

Time: Technology changes but the human life cycle does not.

Money: Money captures the flows of wealth. Educational system needs to be sustainable.

Current model. Stay in school, then work.

Problem: It is becoming economically infeasible to stay out of the workforce until you are "done with your education"

Problem: You are no longer "done with your education." Life is school. School is life.

Problem: Structure of education *inherently* creates a pyramid structure as a large base of students and adjuncts is needed to support a tip consisting of a few faculty.

Scary thought: Is the hierarchical class structure of education manifesting itself in general society.

Educational structures today mimic mass production factory systems. Why are we using an industrial structure in a post-industrial economy.

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Hi, I'm developing the software at http://infoeng.sf.net to create the system that will better-coordinate undergraduate education.

I'm looking forward to the paper!