Turkish alphabet

Turkish uses a modified version of the Latin alphabet. There are 29 letters in the Turkish alphabet. Inside these 29 letters, there are 8 vowels.

Here is the list of Letters in the Turkish Alphabet with their readings[1]:

A a u as in uncle
B b b as in bed
C c j as in jet
Ç ç ch as in chance
D d d as in day
E e e as in end
F f f as in fat
G g g as in get
Ğ ğ makes preceding

vowel long

H h h as in hay
I ı e as in open
İ i i as in finish
J j su as in measure
K k k as in king
L l l as in lemon
M m m as in mess
N n n as in net
O o o as in oat
Ö ö i as in bird


P p p as in pet
R r r as in red
S s s as in said
Ş ş sh as in share
T t t as in take
U u oo as in wood
Ü ü u as in cute
V v we as in wet
Y y y as in yet
Z z z as in zip

Letters Not Used in TurkishEdit

The Turkish alphabet doesn’t have the Xx and Ww letters. When we want to translate and pronounce foreign words that have these letter the Xx is usually written as iks and the Ww is written as Vv.

Turkish also doesn't have Consonant Clusters which are letters like ch, sh, th, wh.

Every letter inside a Turkish word is pronounced.

The Soft G (Ğ)Edit

The Soft G (Ğğ) is a special letter which has no pronunciation inside a word.It used after a vowel sound like Aa, Ee, Iı, İi, Oo, Öö, Uu, Üü to make the sound longer.

Some word examples:

Ağaç Beğen Doğu Öğlen
Uğraş Iğdır Ciğer Düğüm
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