The trombone is a brass instrument that, like many other instruments, comes in several variations. The most common types are variations of the tenor and the bass trombones.


Types of Trombones:

The trombone is an instrument where the trombonist moves the slide between positions, each of which progressively lengthens the air column, and produces a lower pitch on the same partial. Positions range from first (almost all the way pulled in, but not all the way) to seventh, with first being the higher within each partial. The basic tenor trombone's fundamental note is Bb.

The trombone is mostly a non-transposing instrument with music written in the bass, tenor, alto, and treble clefs.



Playing on the trombone is similar to other brass instruments in the method of moving from partial to partial. The trombonist moves their lips tighter and allows air pressure to allow the instrument to increase in partials, the opposite is done to play down partials.

Sometimes music will require the use of a mute. Mutes will alter the sound of the note by somehow attaching to the bell of the trombone. There are a variety of mutes available, and it is important to ensure you purchase the correct type.