1 Which formula gives the measure of an angle in radians?

2 Complete the sentence:

An angle is made of two

with a common

in a single


3 Which formula gives the arc length of an angle?

4 Fill in the blanks:

Angles consist of an

and a

ray, and an angle


5 Which formula gives the length of a radius of an angle?

6 What is the arclength of a 45 degree angle with radius 3?

7 The value of θ in an angle is independent of the size of the arc length since the radius is proportional in <math>\theta=\frac{s}{r}.


8 What is the measure of an angle with arclength 6 and radius 8?

9 What is the radius of a 60 degree angle with arclength 10?

10 Angles are considered dimensionless, since they are defined as the ratio of lengths.