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The Hebrew Language Division and subsequent departments are organized between students, teachers, and staff members in order to facilitate the most effective learning environment. In order to benefit substantially from this community we highly recommend you register as a student, teacher, or staff member.

Courses edit

The following is a list of courses offered in the Hebrew Language Division divided by departments, if you develop a course make sure to add it to the list. If you plan on creating multiple cumulative courses make sure you use a subheading to organize them.

Modern Hebrew edit

Intensive Modern Hebrew edit

The following courses are cumulative and should be taken in order. If you are not sure where to begin you can contact a teacher and have them give you a brief placement test. The following courses are actively maintained and any development should be coordinated with the contribution creator.

Biblical Hebrew edit

Intensive Biblical Hebrew edit

The following is a list of recommended Biblical Hebrew courses, but as of now they are currently unmaintained.

Registration edit

In order to officially register with the Hebrew Language Division it is important that you adhere to the following steps to ensure organization and clarity among members.

Students edit

  • Add the Student template to your user page.
  • Add the Language Level template to your Hebrew student page (User:"your username"/Hebrew). You can find a link to this page in your Hebrew userbox. Your teacher and you will use this page for Hebrew homework, assignments, questions, comments, etc.
{{langlevel|Hebrew|100|[[Introduction to Hebrew]]}}
  • Add yourself as a student to the member list below.
  • Start the first lesson of your chosen Hebrew course.

Teachers edit


Members edit

To add yourself as a student or a teacher to the member list use the following code:

| [[User:"username"|"username"]] || Your HE level || Your EN level || Notes

Student edit

User HE level EN level Notes
Example Student Beginner Native I want to learn Hebrew, but I need a tutor.

| oreo_deese || Beginnerl || Native|| Trying to teach myself Hebrew, but I need a little guidance.

Teachers edit

User HE level EN level Notes
the_duke Native Fluent Modern Hebrew (might also help with Biblical Hebrew)

Staff Members edit

If you contribute substantially to the division or one of the departments list yourself as a staff member using the following code:

| [[User:"username"|"username"]] || Notes

Hebrew Language Division edit

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Modern Hebrew Department edit

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Biblical Hebrew Department edit

User Notes
Example staff member Example tasks

Hebrew Philology Department edit

User Notes
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