Tibetan language/Unicode & Font installation


If accessibility and utility is valued in the computing and digital representation of Tibetan fonts, "Unicode" fonts are the benchmark. Unicode, or the Universal Character Set, is the global standard for representing humanity's scripts in digital media and computing. Unicode is thus now the standard for Tibetan computing. The great benefit of Unicode is that it may be utilized across major computing platforms such as Linux, Macintosh and Windows. The specifics of support in their operating systems, such as input methods for example, is environment specific.

Ensuring unicode is visible in browserEdit

Alan Wood has established an excellent tool to assist in ensuring Tibetan script is visible in your Internet browser: Alan Wood’s Unicode Resources Test for Unicode support in Web browsers Tibetan U+0F00 – U+0FFF (3840–4095)

Tibetan fontsEdit

Tibetan input methodEdit

Tibetan UnicodeInstallationEdit