Art practices/Three Sided Football

Every game is the same game in different space time class

3-sided Football
Time Space Event Participants
Summer Solstice, 1997 Vienna, Austria 1st Intergalactic Conference of the Association of Autonomous Astronauts, Public Netbase Association of Autonomous Astronauts
2015 Alytus Alytus Biennial
2017 Kassel Fesitval of Situationist Gaming AKA 2nd /World Cup *DAMTP
2021 Cornwall /Ultrasectional Laboratory of Trilectical Interwanglent *DAMTP


3 sided football is a practical application of Asger Jorn's ideas o f triolectics

Quantum superimpositionEdit


Quantum ChromodynamicsEdit

Design Play Scoring


  • DAMTP 3SF Team

  • Deptford 3SF

  • Philosophy Footbal 3SF Team

  • Strategic Optimism 3SF Team