Three-Tier Architecture

Building Mobile Web Applications in a Three-Tier Architecture

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This course is written to assist the non-technical person in understanding how the Model-View-Controller pattern is implemented within a Three-Tier Architecture. Or in other words "What is the technology and approach behind building a mobile application for my business?". The course also has a focus on the business value created by well designed and architected technology. Therefore, making the course of interest to middle and senior management. If you are also a beginner to intermediate programmer the information will also be of interest, particularly put into the context of business value.



Before starting the course, we suggest (though it is NOT mandatory) you go over the following:

Create a software development environment. This course will not describe the creation of a server and software development environment. The following configuration is recommended to engage in this course;

  • Firefox and firebug
  • Text editor or programming tool
  • LAMP Server
The MVC Three-Tier Architecture

Course Description


The course will help you learn how to build mobile web applications using a three-tier architecture approach. The learning will be facilitated by having each learner build their own mobile application and going through code and materials step by step and explaining relevant concepts. Reference materials will be complemented by learning guides, which will expand on the reference by elaborating the how and why of each topic.


  1. Building a Mobile HTML5 page – Start by building a working mobile view
  2. MVC Three-Tier Architecture – The Architecture Described
  3. Building the Model and Controller - Bringing context to the web page
  4. Information Architecture – Designing the user experience
  5. Touching the business tier – Thinking about services



I am available to assist in your learning. If you are interested in learning MVC and three-tier architecture with a mentor, list yourself below by adding * ~~~~ (an asterisk, a space, and four tildes) to the bottom of the list. I will follow-up.