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Course Description This course will allow the student to examine the various facets of fascism in Nazi Germany. Topics will include: post-Treaty of Versailles, fall of the Weimar Republic, Rise of the Nazis, Nazi Germany, World War II, and the Fall of the Third Reich. Students will be expected to complete readings on a nightly basis, respond to them in the forms of discussion questions or essays, and tests/examinations.

Grading Scheme This course will follow the following system of weights and measures for grading:

  • 50% Tests (approximately four)
  • 25% Writing assignments/essays (unlimited number)
  • 25% Reading quizzes (LOWEST two scores will be dropped)

Attendance Since this is an online course, attendance records will ONLY be kept in the form of extra credit. Contributing to online discussions posted on CourseZone will allow the student to accumulate up to 5 POINTS worth of extra credit, which can be applied to tests and other examinations.

Syllabus edit

  • Week 1... Post-World War I Germany and the Lure of Fascism
  • Week 2... Hitler and the Early Nazi Party
  • Week 3... The Enabling Act and Complete Control over the Third Reich
  • Week 4-5... Development of the Nazi State (1933-1939)
  • Weeks 5-6... Dreams of an Aryan Empire
  • Weeks 7-8... The Holocaust
  • Week 9... German Involvement in World War II
  • Week 10... Fall of the Third Reich and Final Examination


Please read the following articles regarding German reparation payments, the Treaty of Versailles, and the weak Weimar Republic.

1. What was the ultimate goal of the Allied powers during negotiations held at the Paris Peace Conference?

2. What were the conditions of Article 231/the War Guilt Clause contained within the Treaty of Versailles?

3. How was the map of Europe essentially redrawn following changes made by the treaty?

4. Why was the French occupation of the Ruhr Valley a disaster? What prompted the French to occupy the region in the first place? What eventually happened to the value of the German mark?

5. How did the Dawes Plan attempt to reduce reparations and stabilize Germany's payment system?

6. What were the conditions of the Treaty of Locarno?

7. How did the withdraw of American funds from German banks lead to international banking faulures?

8. Describe a few of the difficulties the Weimar Republic faced during its early years.