The music industry

This is a learning project about the music industry

What / Who is the Music industry ? Edit

  • Artists
    • Musicians
    • Composers
  • Recording companies e.g EMI, Warner, Virgin etc
  • 'Publishers' eg. Bossey & Hawkes
  • Agents aka managers
  • Retailers
    • Traditional, such as Tower records
    • New players, such as iTunes
  • Consumers
    • Movie industry
    • Radio
    • End listeners/buyers

Why does the music industry exist? Edit

So that free loaders and listen to free music downloaded on the internet

How does it operate? Edit

  • Regulation?
  • Genre handling, A dual standard?
  • Solely music?

Legal issues Edit

  • Copyright and Free content
  • Artist rights
  • Publisher control of industry?

Responses to the music industry Edit

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