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The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia

Low-resolution copy of the final proposal from UCNISS to the Australian Paralympic Committee for the production of a text The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia. Design by Sunshine Connelly for UCNISS.

Our first objective is to create at least stub articles on Wikipedia for all Australian Paralympic medalists, their coaches, and pages for Australia at each of the Paralympic Games. At the same time we are scanning images and documents, and creating audio and video for uploading to Wikimedia Commons. In this work we hope to build and sustain a volunteer editing community on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, by engaging existing editors and training new ones. We want to work with this editor community to continuously improve the Wikipedia coverage of Australia at the Paralympics.

The APC has contracted sport historian Murray Phillips at the University of Queensland to participate in this effort, and to compile a Wikibook drawing from the Wikipedia and Commons work, to be called The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia. This Wikibook will be produced into a printed and bound format as well as the online format.

If you would like to join in on this effort, please find us at the meetings and workshops being organised around Australia, or through the various page links below.



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