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The mw:Extension:Quiz extension is now working on wikiversity, enjoy !


A question example

with few proposals
but only few cause I don't have much time tonight


What have I been wanting installed for a long time?

A new copyright license for wikiversity
A sandbox server
A quiz extension
A death ray

Purge page

User:Trevor MacInnis came up with this little system, all I did was put the parts together. Still, it only updates every minute.

Which one is C?

Question goes here


-on betat this gives buttons...

here is some of the code from wikiweb's test...

<form method="post" action="wiki.cgi" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <input type='hidden' name='form_evaluation' value='1' /><input type='hidden' name='action' value='form_evaluation' /><input type='hidden' name='lang' value='1' /><input type='hidden' name='formpage' value='WikiQuizz' /> <input type='hidden' name='cur_page' value='WikiQuizz' />

1. Was ist ein WikiWeb?
<img src='/image/p.gif' border='0' width='50' height='1'>

<input type='radio' name='frage_0' value='0'> Ein Spezialnetz zum Fang von Wikiaru-Lachsen.
<input type='radio' name='frage_0' value='1'> Ein Autorensystem für Webseiten.
<input type='radio' name='frage_0' value='2'> Ein Netzwerk von Unterhaltungsprogrammen.


/answer form

Instructions: Edit the Q1= and Q2= to your choice

Question goes here

This will be C's answer

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Question 3: this is an essay question. Create a subheader named ==Question three== and answer it by editing below.

You have 237 more days to finish this test, which was started on 11/2

<random> Text 1 @@@ Text 2 @@@ Text 3 </random>


Roll again


. 2 04 (03)