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Directions for use


Place: {{subst:Learning project boilerplate}} in the edit window for a new learning project. Save the page.



The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees has directed the Wikiversity community away from courses (the Board's comments). Wikiversity participants are encouraged to innovate and create learning experiences that take full advantage of the wiki format of online community interactions. Non-traditional Learning Projects that are oriented towards learning about conventional course subjects are encouraged within Wikiversity. See: Wikiversity:Learning and Portal:Education.

Your page should be named according to the name of the Learning project. Please use descriptive names. Good: "Introduction to Physics"; bad: Physics 101.

Learning Project summary

  • Course code: See the proposed Wikiversity:Naming_conventions
  • Time investment:
    • Preferably measured in something that reduces to hours, ie. x hours for y weeks; tertiary semesters are typically 13 weeks
    • If possible, try to break it down into lesson hours (ie. time spent doing lessons), assessment hours (suggested time spent on assessment tasks), and reading hours (expected time spent on reading)
  • Assessment suggested: (eg. x000 word essay, multiple choice exam, piece of original work)
  • For Faculty, School, Department, Stream, Level, see Wikiversity:Naming conventions

Other Wikiversity tools


For the lessons subheading, see Template:Blank lesson page - Color scheme 3. For the quizzes subheading, see Test and Quiz.

Also note the other boilerplates available under the Category:Page_creation_templates.

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