Template:WikiJournal accepted board member

Result: Accepted into the editorial board.

Next steps (add DONE or {{Done}} after someone has performed the task):
  1. __ Send a welcome message and confirm their preferred email address (usually in their provided website link, else via Special:EmailUser)
    Onboarding email template
  2. __ If they do not yet have a Wikidata item, create one
  3. __ Copy their information over to editorial board page using the {{Editor info}} template (including their Wikidata QID)
  4. __ The above step will create a button that will update the relevant editorial board on Wikidata
  5. __ Direct-add them to the WJMboard mailing list (via this link) which will grant them access to the private page only visible to board members
  6. __ Welcome them at the WJMboard mailing list so that they are informed
  7. __ Finally, move the application to this year's archive page
(Suggested email template)