Template:Ulu notice

Thank you for uploading [[:Image:{{{1}}}]]. Unfortunately, the file is missing important information about its source and license. Please provide the necessary information as soon as possible so the file does not have to be deleted. You can find out what licenses are available at Wikiversity:License tags.

Please also add important information about the file by using {{information}}:

  • Description: What do you see here?
  • Source: Use a statement such as “Own work.” or similar, if you created that file yourself. Otherwise please supply a URL, catalog number, book source, or any other kind of reference.
  • Author: Author(s) of the file. If you don’t know any individual, use the name of the institution(s) which released it. In case of self-made work, put your real name and your linked username in parentheses.
  • Date: Date of creation (or date of release), preferably in ISO 8601 format, such as “2006-01-15” for 15 January 2006.
  • Permission - Supply a short quote of the permission the copyright owner of the file gave you. In case of a general permission (e. g. US Public Domain or free content licenses) supply a short link to that legal disclaimer or an according hint.
  • other_versions - if there are other version of this file within Wikiversity (for example a black and white version of a color image) use this field to link to these versions with a wiki link.

If you uploaded this file by mistake or do not want it shared on Wikiversity anymore, please tag it with {{delete}} for deletion. ~~~~