Editing tip - Including your signatureEdit

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Thanks for the comments you've been adding to the wiki. I hope you don't mind if I offer a wikiquette tip to help you to take your editing to the next level: Try to include your signature when you add comments. You can sign and timestamp your comments by using four tildes (~), i.e., ~~~~. Alternatively use the OOjs UI icon signature-ltr.svg icon.

By leaving your signature (which doesn't take very long) you provide other users with an easy to follow trail of who made the comments. This helps to improve accountability, and helps other users if they want to reply directly to you. Keep up the great work! ~~~~


  • This is a template to add to user talk pages, to help mentor/encourage them to leave their signature when adding comments.
  • Include on a talk page by using {{subst:Signature}}

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