< [[{{{backname}}}]] [[{{{TOCname}}}]] [[{{{nextname}}}]] >

A quick template for cycling through a sequence of pages:

Usage Edit

{{Prevnext|base page name|prev extension|next extension}}


{{prevnext|User talk:SmackBot/archive|1|3}}

Where there is no previous (or no next) the parameter may be left empty. E.G.

{{prevnext|User talk:SmackBot/archive||2}}

Where the previous is the base page, use an "_". E.G.

{{prevnext|User talk:SmackBot/archive|_|3}}

Todo Edit

  1. add pretty buttons
  2. add ifexist clauses
  3. add "up", first, last?
  4. If and when rel attributes are enabled in MediaWiki, add prev and next values, etc., to links.

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