Template:Pagemove announcement


  1. Move the Foobar_page to User:Foobar_author/Foobar_page.
  2. If you think Foobar_author already knows their user subspace has been used in this manner, there no need to inform Foobar_author that more pages have been moved. You don't need to use this template.
  3. If you wish to inform Foobar_author that page(s) are being moved to their user subspace, open a discussion on their talk page and use source editing to insert either {{Pagemove announcement}} or {{subst:Pagemove announcement}}
  4. If the page you move has significant coauthors, you can use {{subst:Pagemove announcement}}, which permits you to edit the wikitext to notify as many people as you wish using the template {{Ping|Foobar_coauthor|Foobar_others}}.

Pages have been moved into your userspace

Here are two wikitext scripts that you can use to keep track of subpages in your userspace.

[[special:prefixindex/User:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/|My subpages]] creates a page called My subpages

{{Subpages/Pagename|User:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}} creates a list of all subpages in your userspace.

Keep in mind that these two scripts here on this talk page, and on your user page User:Pagemove announcement. They won't work on most Wikiversity pages.--~~~~