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This template generates a link for finding data about a single (print or on-line) publication via its International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). The ISSN refers to the particular publication, not to a specific issue (or date) of that publication. The ISSN is used to help establish the publication as a Wikipedia reliable source.

For a publication with the ISSN 1234-5678, use {{ISSN}}.


  • Usage: {{ISSN|0028-0836}}
  • Links to:
  • Renders as:
    • ISSN 0028-0836

Find ISSN of publication:


An ISSN is always eight digits long. Scroll down the Worldcat page to find the ISSN. Do not rely on the digits shown in the Worldcat URL for the particular publication, since the URL sometimes shows only seven digits, which is invalid to use as the ISSN.


Articles with invalid ISSNs (as determined by the template) will be placed in Category:Articles with invalid ISSNs.

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