This is the documentation page for the template at Template:EnglishLesson


This is a template that takes key phrases and produces an interactive English lesson.

You can copy and paste the fields below.






















  • q stands for "question"
  • a stands for "answer"
  • alt stands for "alternate"
  • ex stands for "example"
  • pos stands for "part of speech", such as "adjective"
  • The numbering is for row numbers. The first row should have the lesson's most essential language as it will be used again in the course of the lesson.

The alternate fields and the rows following the first row may be left out. The first row of essential language is required.

By default, the value of role1 (e.g. customer) appears on the left, and role2 appears on the right. To reverse them, set the corresponding reverse value to any non-null value. For example, if the roles should be reversed for the second row of language, set reverse2 to any value. Otherwise, it may be omitted.

The instructions are for the students in the final stage. They may be roles for the students to act out in a role play (e.g. student 1: you are a customer in a restaurant, student 2: you are a waiter) or instructions to set up an information gap activity (e.g. student 1: choose a picture, student 2: ask student 1 questions to guess which picture was chosen). Those are only examples and many forms of review are possible.

This template produces the bulk of a lesson but other material, such as pictures, may be helpful to establish context or to be used as lesson material, especially in the final stage, such as in an information gap activity where one student chooses a picture and another must guess which picture was chosen.

There is no need to add formatting such as italics or parentheses as the template does this automatically.