This is used as a template for editorial member summaries on pages such as WikiJournal of Medicine/Editorial board

By default, it draws its information from an editor's Wikidata item (e.g. Q38382414):

{{Editor info
 | Q           = wikidata item number for editor
 | description = 1-2 sentence general description

Alternatively, fields can be manually supplied:

{{Editor info
 | name               = Editor's name
 | image              = Image.png (if text = "image file name", image is displayed as gap)
 | size               = 150px
 | qualifications     = Formal qualifications
 | link               = Link to personal website
 | date               = Date of joining the editorial board 
 | tasks              = Assigned journal tasks
 | areas_of_expertise = Fields of knowledge 
 | description        = 1-2 sentence general description

Note: the three special cases of roles that are added after the the name rather than as tasks below are "Editor in Chief", "Assistant Editor in Chief", and "Advisor".

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