Telemedicine in French-speaking Africa

Welcome to the project for Telemedicine in French-speaking Africa.

The Network in French-speaking Africa for Telemedicine (Réseau en Afrique Francophone pour la Télémédecine, RAFT) needs learning materials for public health topics such as Tuberculosis and HIV.

Public health topics edit

References edit

Additional helpful readings include :

  • RAFT, un réseau de télé-enseignement et de télémédecine en Afrique francophone
  • notes from a forum in Geneva; Wikimedia discussion of RAFT
  • English description of RAFT - "The RAFT network: five years of distance continuing medical education and tele-consultations over the Internet in French-speaking Africa" by Antoine Geissbuhler, Cheick Oumar Bagayoko and Ousmane Ly.