Technology in the classroom

Technology can be used in many different ways in the classroom. There are also many types of technologies - encompassing computers (and general and/or specialised software), internet-enabled activities, video, audio, etc.

What are the various technologies that can be used? edit

  • Video - use videos to discuss a television programme in class; make your own video about your subject; get learners to make their own videos. See Educational Videos
  • Audio - create listening activities for a language lesson; record your own radio programme in a podcast.
  • Computer games
  • Blogs - blogs can be used to share ideas between a linked community of learners, as well as the wider world.
  • Wikis - use wikis to collaborate, brainstorm and refine ideas. Wikiversity is a wiki! See Learning to learn a wiki way

What can technologies enable us to do? edit

  • Technologies can help to engage learners through different kinds of stimuli - as well as in allowing learners to get actively involved in their own learning. The provision of different stimuli can be especially beneficial for younger learners, but these points, particularly that of "active involvement", can apply to any learner in any context.
  • Technology can help make the material more interesting if it helps learners to relate the material to their everyday lives (eg. through discussing global events as presented on television).
  • Through the use, analysis and possibly creation of media (ie writing in a blog, producing a video), we are facilitating learners to become more media literate.

How can I integrate technologies into my class? edit

We are hoping to build a comprehensive web of pages that will be of help to teachers with this very question. We are still in process of developing these materials, but, for now, see Topic:Education and Technology and its links.

What are the limitations of technologies? edit

Perhaps we can make a separate page here detailing the particular challenges that specific technologies bring, and what strategies educators have used to deal with these...?

Perhaps at Challenges to using technology in the classroom (?)

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Further reading edit

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