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Background edit

Wing Lee is a 38 year old project manager from Hong Kong.

Wing is married and has one son. Her family lives in the Taikoo area, in an area which has many expatriates living close by.

Wing's husband works as a property developer and has been responsible for several major re-development projects in Kowloon City.

Interests edit

She is an avid collector of various tea types as well as having an impressive collection of tea pots from around the world. Her prize tea pot is a cast iron Japanese pot which she bought on a trip to Kyoto.

When she has time, Wing loves to cook.

Goals edit

Personal edit

Wing would like to spend more time with her husband, but he works very long hours.

Wing and her husband bought some land on one of the Outlying Islands and plan to build a summer house so they can spend more time together during school holidays.

Professional edit

Wing wants to make the step up from being a project manager to being a department manager, which will mean she has more jobs under her supervision and she will need to understand their work to get the best out of her people.

Role and Tasks edit

As a project manager, Wing is responsible for ensuring that her projects are achieved on time and within budget. Because of the complexity of the projects she deals with, Wing has had to learn various skills and a general understanding of the work that she assigns to her staff.

Environment edit

Wing's office is rather large, and it is usually very cluttered.

One wall of the office is basically a large bookcase, from floor to ceiling.

Wing has several plants in her office and plays relaxing music on her CD player whenever she is in the office.

Level and Use of Technical Writing Course edit

Having been a project manager in a software company for several years, Wing is very much aware of the SDLC and the technical tools used by technical writers, however she wants to make sure that documentation issues are appropriately considered at the planning stage of her projects.

Following the advanced level of the course will include the following elements:

  • Documentation metrics
  • Cost and schedule estimating
  • Latest XML developments