Teaching EFL Listening via FUN WITH ENGLISH Books/8B/Test 2

1)Where is the beautiful country of Italy?
2)What type of building’s does Italy have that are beautiful?
a)Museums b) Schools c) churches d) football stadiums
3)When was Pompeii covered?
4)What can you learn from the city of Pompeii?
a)	How to milk a cow b) What life was like 200 years ago c) how to learn English 
d) What life was like 2000 years ago.
5)A teacher found the city of Pompeii. True or False
6)Why do people love the city of Venice?
7)In Venice people travel in cars. True or False.
8)Every March people come to Venice to celebrate spring. True or False.
9)In Venice there is a big party. What is it called?
10)People wear beautiful masks and clothes for the party. True or False

Italy 2 – let's listen 2
1)Lisa slept well. True or False
2)What is Jet Lag?
3)Where was Lisa travelling to?
4)How was Lisa travelling?
a) walking b) swimming c) flying d) jumping
5)When it is night-time in China it is _______ in Italy.
6)Lisa will never sleep again. True or False.
7)How long does Jet Lag last?
8)If you drink water and eat healthy foods you will not be comfortable 
when you have finished flying. True or False.
9)Who is Lisa talking to?

1)The Olympics are smallest athletic competition in the world. True or false.
2)How many countries take part in the Olympic games.
a)less than 50 b) 98 c) 187 d) more than 200
3)What are the goals of the Olympic games?
4)At the first modern Olympic games how many people took part?
5)In the last Olympics games how many people took part?
6)How long where two men wrestling in Sweden?
a)10 minutes b) 1 hour and 40 minutes c) 6 hours d) More than eleven hours
7)In 1992 Germany was competing in the Olympics as one country. True or False.
8)Ben Johnson won a gold medal but had to give it back. Why?
9)Why were the Olympic games cancelled in 1940 – 1944?
10)In 1998 the Olympic games were held in Seoul, ________ .
11)The Olympic games are not popular. True or False.