Teaching EFL Listening via FUN WITH ENGLISH Books/8B/Lesson 6

  • Lesson Plan Version 0.3
    • Same as Version 2, but I shortened the discussion and textbook and spent a long time having the students tell me about their recent trip looking through pictures on their computer as a class.

Lesson Review edit

9 Apr 2010 Grade 8 Class 7 edit

  • They were moderately interested in talking about Monday's festival, but I didn't really push it.
  • While I was speaking with one of the students a boy quickly hijacked the computer and started showing images of their school trip two Saturday's ago.
  • After I finished the test, I looked through the images with them. I have never seen so many of them get excited like that. I had them tell me what the different sections of the images were and many students who never speak English voluntarily got involved.

Lesson Plan Version 0.2 edit

0) Before Class Starts

  • Ask everyone to get into their seats.
  • Walk around the room small talking with different students.
  • Get the computer turned on if it works.

1) Greeting: Yo! What's up?

  • Practice the "What's up?" routine.
    • If they don't remember, review.

2) Opening Discussion: Tomb Sweeping Day

  • What special day was on Monday? (Qing Ming Jie = Qing Ming Festival)
  • What is Qing Ming Jie in English? (Tomb Sweeping Day [TSD])
    • What is a tomb?
  • What do people on TSD?
    • Burn money/incense?
    • Visit graves/tombs?
  • What did you do on TSD?
  • Do you like TSD? Why?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

3) Textbook: Page 22 Let's get ready

  • For "Relay Race" have two teams get in a race around the room.

4) Discussion: The Olympics (Questions written with Mr. Brown)

  • What are the Olympics?
  • Where were they in 2008?
  • What sports do you like?
  • What sports are Chinese athletes good at in the Olympics?
  • What sports are more difficult? Better?
  • Imagine the Olympics were coming to Anqing. What would you need to do?
    • Transport, Lodging, Facilities, Food, Language

5) Hand Back their Tests

  • Explain first that their scores are out of 10, and give the answers.
  • Do it one by one, highlighting down their names on my paper.
  • Write the correct answers on the board.
  • Tell them if they have questions they can ask me after class.

Extra Time: Number of Letters? Game (Mr. Brown)

  • Make two teams.
  • Tell them to make a word that begins with one letter, e.g. D, and has 6 letters.
  • Go back and forth between the teams making the words.

Lesson Review edit

8 Apr 2010 Grade 8 Class 6 edit

  • Giving out chocolates @ the end of the lesson was fine, until the other half of the class came in. Started giving some, then I panicked becasue they rushed me.
  • Commenting on the basketball game didn't get as long of a conversation going as I'd expected.
  • I mistakenly graded one girl's test. As it turned out she got a 100%, not a 95.

Next Week

  • Give everyone chocolates?

9 Apr 2010 AM Period 1 Grade 8 Class 10 edit

  • Students still talked all the way through the lesson, but seemed to give me more of a chance.

9 Apr 2010 Grade 8 Class 8 edit

  • Had a long discussion about Qing Ming festival.
  • They were very engaged throughout even on some topics that most other classes would find boring.
    • They're a class that has real potential. I can experiment here.
  • Was quite bored of my lesson by this point.

Next Week

  • Still haven't answered the English questions they asked me the first week.

Appendix edit

Acknowledgments edit

  • I would like to thank all the 7th and 8th grade classes at Anqing Foreign Language School who had

this lesson for their participation and feedback. I would also like to thank the Anqing Foreign

Language School for allowing me to teach there.

  • Mr. Brown contributed heavily to this plan. This should be considered a collaboration. I have

tried to acknowledge contributions that are specifically his with (Mr. Brown).

Changelog edit

Version 0.2 8 Apr 2010

  • Expanded the conversation questions and explanaiton for how to hand back the tests.

Version 0.11 6 Apr 2010

  • Typed up the outline, and added some basic details.

Version 0.1 30 Mar 2010

  • Created a lesson outline in a Tuesday coffee shop meeting with Mr. Brown.