Teaching EFL Listening via FUN WITH ENGLISH Books/8B/Lesson 3

Lesson Plan edit

  1. Test Preparation
    1. "I want all of you to get a sheet of paper."
    2. "Please write your name and class on the sheet of paper."
    3. "When we do the test, do not write on MY paper [hold up a test sheet] write on YOUR paper."
    4. [Walk to the back row] "When we are finished, students in this row will stand up and gather the paper of the students in front of them to bring to me." [Demonstrate]
    5. [If the desks are together] "Please seperate your desks."
    6. "Finally, there is absolutely no talking during the test."
  2. Self-Assessment
    1. "To practice, we are going to start with this [hold up the Self-Assessment]. I want you to choose your English level [CN: 水平 Shuǐpíng]
    2. Read out the different levels.
    3. When they are done, have the back row get up and deliver the papers to me.
  3. Test
    1. "Now we are going to begin the test. Do not talk."
    2. "I am going to read each article three times."
    3. "Listen and write the answers on your paper."
    4. Snapping harsh the first time somebody peeps may keep them all in line throughout.
  4. Textbook
    1. 7A & 8A Page 10 Let's get ready A and B
    2. Use this time to organize the tests and test papers, placing them in a place I'll remember.
  5. Felix the Cat Slides
    1. Give some background.
    2. Questions throghout
      1. What is this?
      2. How does _____ feel?
      3. What do think will happen next?
      4. Why is he ______?
  • Note: Mr. Brown suggested using the textbook after the students wrote their tests would be OK, and he was correct.

Lesson Review edit

17 Mar 2010 Grade 7 Classes 10 & 11 edit

  • What could I have done better?
    • Explained the process for the students to collect the tests and give them to me in an easier to comprehend way.
  • What did I do well?
    • Move quickly on the tests.
    • Didn't really raise my voice at all.
  • What did I learn?
    • If instructions are good, it's not necessary to get angry/raise my voice.
  • What did the students learn?
    • Testing protocol and about Felix the Cat.
  • Next Week?
    • Hand back the tests.