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English Salon FWE 7A 6 7 0.21

Preface edit

Lesson edit

Introduction edit

Definition edit

  • Opinion = What a person thinks.
  • Fact = What a person knows.
  • Context = What a person or people is/are talking about.

Why? edit

  • Because knowing the difference between fact and opinion is important for making decisions.

Example edit

  • Draw two stick figures on the board. Explain that the two of them are having a conversation. These are not questions for the students.
  • A: "xi yang yang is a cartoon. Do you like it?." B: "Yes! It's great!"
  • Questions:
    • What is fact?
    • What is opinion?
    • What is the context?

Lesson Question edit

  • Is this fact or opinion?

Word(s) of the Day edit

  • canteen

Contact Information edit

  • QQ ID 867996874
  • QQ Name Danoff
  • e-mail danoff.charles@gmail.com

Teaching Materials edit

Topic edit

  • identify: opinion / fact and argument / conversation
  • Briefly review context.

Plan edit

  • 0
    • In classroom at least 30 minutes before my first class of the day.
    • Before class, make sure chairs are set up correctly
    • Write Lesson plan, Lesson, Definitions, Example, my contact info, words of the day and that it's OK to say "I don't know" or "No reason" on the board.
    • Ask if everyone has their textbooks and pens. If they don't tell them to go get them.
    • Have the students write down where they sit on my seating chart.
      • Depending on who is in the class, hand around my notebook and have them write down their names. Do not announce it, just give it to one student.
  1. Coversation
    • 6 Minutes
      • If the kids don't respond, ask them the questions directly.
    • Are you tired?
    • Are you hungry?
    • Is it anyone's birthday today in class?
    • What are you going to do this weekend?
    • Who do you like more xi yang yang or luan yang yang?
    • Any questions for me? Add that the longer we talk here, the less time we have to spend on the textbook.
  2. Joke
    • 2 Minutes
  3. Introduction
    • 4 Minutes
    • Make sure they understand the word "introduction."
    • Point out the Lesson Plan, mention if we move fast, we can get to the game quicker.
    • Tell them my contact info, and say that "I am busy. I want to talk to you, but if I can't it is not because I don't like them, it is because I am busy. I like all of you. Please say hello again or e-mail me. E-mail is much better."
    • Mention that if ask a question and they don't know the answer, it's fine to say "I don't know". Write "No why" and "No reason" ask which is correct if I ask "Why?" cross out "No reason" explain that it is Chinese, not English.
    • Word of the Day: Canteen
    • Lesson - Ask if they remember what we did last week? Mention we will be talking a little about the same idea again.
    • Definitions
    • Example
    • Ask for any questions.
  4. Page 22 Let's get ready A & B
    • 6 Min
    • Walk around the class, help the students who are struggling.
  5. Page 23 Let's listen 1 A - Tapescript Page 81
    • 3 Min
    • For a less rambunctious class, have one student be Lisa, two be her parents, and one each for the classroom, library & computer lab. Put the "rooms" into different corners of the classroom. Have "Lisa" lead her "parents" around the classroom on the tour. For a class that's already excited about English, this activity is too much.[1]
    • Possibly introduce the word "act" by writing "actor" and "actress" on the board [words they know], underline "act" in all 3 words, and then say "actors and actresses act in movies.".
  6. Page 24 Let's listen 2 A - Tapescript Page 82
    • 4 Min
    • I read it through.
    • Ask the students if the statements are facts or opinions.
    • What is the context of Lisa and John's conversation?
  7. Page 25 Let's listen 3 A - Tapescript Page 82
    • 6 Min
    • See if I can get two student volunteers, if not I read it through.
    • Ask the students if the statements are facts or opinions.
    • What is the context of John, Lisa and Karen's conversation?
  8. Dream School [2]
    • Ask the students to break into groups of 4 or 5 and design their dream school. Each person has to talk on one topic.
      • Subjects?
      • Clubs?
      • Homework?
      • Tests?
      • Teachers?
      • Schedule?
  9. What's the Question?[3]

Extra Time edit

  • Competitive Hangman
  • Rows & Columns
  • 20 Questions [4] from the ITESLJ
  • Soccer Dialogue Illustrating Argument vs. Conversation
  • Ball Self-Introduction Game
  • Competitive Hangman [5]
  • "How high can you clap?" Game[6]
  • Simon Says
  • Telephone

Review edit

g7 c2 edit

  • might not have explained it properly, but no kids volunteered to act for page 23A
  • conversation at the beginning was good, I asked what's been happening lately in the news? they didn't say anything, but when I said Obama! they all got excited
  • then talked about thanksgiving for a bit, which also went well
  • finished all the textbook and the dream school with a few minutes to spare
  • doing the answers game with an example first definitely worked better
  • feels kinda false spending all of this time going through the textbook
    • what other things could I be doing? -> ask colleague.

G7 C11A edit

AFLS TJ 3 Page - the 2nd to last one

  • spent a long time talking about the cold & why we do/don't like it
  • then went into "i don't know" vs "i understand"
  • with the "charlie & anqing" speech, they were only able to access the 1st paragraph
  • very little textbook time

Learning Outcome Achieved? edit

  • i'm not sure, because I have somewhat abandoned the learning outcomes

Addendum edit

Notes edit

  1. Excellent idea for demonstrating the "Page 23 Let's listen 1 A" dialogue comes from Mr. Brown.
  2. Idea from Mr. Brown.
  3. "What's the Question?". The Internet TESL Journal. Retrieved 2011-02-15.
  4. "20 Questions". The Internet TESL Journal. Retrieved 2011-02-15.
  5. Two Grade 8 students at Anqing Foreign Language School who gave me the idea to play competitive hangman.
  6. How high can you clap inspired by Clap/Don't Clap from Teach English in Asia.

Additional Questions & Instructions for This Lesson edit

5 Page 22 Let's get ready B 4 Min

  • Walk around the class, help the students who are struggling.
  • Are the lessons you have at school facts or opinions? Can you give an example of an opinion?

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