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Here you can learn to write the Tamil consonants. It should be noted that the pure consonants all have a 'pulli' (dot) placed above them. When written without this 'pulli' the consonants are read with the vowel 'அ' (a) added after them, that is, 'க்'(k) is pronounced as 'க' (ka) (க்+அ). You may find it easier to pronounce the consonants with the vowel 'அ' added to them (that is, ka, nga, cha, nga, ta, na, etc.) We shall learn the other combinations of consonants and vowels in our next lesson.

Writing Consonants

Consonant Group Pronounciation Help How to write
க் vallinam k + a as in kaite
ங் mellinam ng as in ring
ச் vallinam ch as in catch
ஞ் mellinam ng as in syringe
ட் vallinam t as in tap
ண் mellinam n as in Cinderella
த் vallinam th as in both
ந் mellinam n as in panther
ப் vallinam p as in pack
ம் mellinam m as in plum
ய் idaiyinam y as in yak
ர் idaiyinam r as in stir
ல் idaiyinam l as in lamp
வ் idaiyinam v as in victory
ழ் idaiyinam (tongue retracted)
ள் idaiyinam l as in marble
ற் vallinam tr as in citric
ன் mellinam n as in sin

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