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Program material suggestionEdit


  • Tango music - assuming 'free' recordings...
  • Streamed feed ?

There is a provisional Schedule here :

I'd appreciate some assistance as to what can be covered :)

Also it probably a local co-ordinator to do studio switching... 13:47, 14 August 2009 (UTC)

Regular SlotsEdit

July 4thEdit

(Oct 31st) Halloween playlistEdit

See Halloween Now archived until next year.


US elections (2009)Edit

This section needs archiving !

Generic Lead inEdit

  • <Transmission break in>
  • "This is Wiki Campus Radio"
  • Short music clip appriately patriotic

Obama WinEdit

possibly even read live (Wikinews is CC-BY)

  • Possibly into live coverage? (Can this be arranged at 48 hours notice?)

McCain WinEdit

Around (Nov 11 th - Armistice/Vetrans Day)Edit

Important Owing to the complexities that have arisen in confirming the status of works in relation to this, it is unlikely that the planned play-list will air this year, development work can however continue.

See Armistice/Veterans Day

See Also: Wikisource:Wikisource:Scriptorium/WCR#Response_of_WCR_to_Armistice.2FVetrans_Day

Presidential Inauguration (2009)Edit

This needs archiving...

* -->
*s:I'll_overcome_some_day -->
*s:Civil_Rights_Message -A Speech given by JFK. -->
*User:ShakespeareFan00/Lord Creator From this day

Winter FestivalsEdit

See /Winter_Festivals

Burns NightEdit

See /01-25

Spring FestivalsEdit

See /Spring Festivals

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