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Comments on procedure edit

  • So far less colors, it is just a first sketch. After some feedback, we can take care of that.
  • Wording:
    • Plural form used mostly, singular shall apply as well.

Discussion edit

Module VS Learning and research activities edit

The currently suggested term Module is the equivalent to Wikiversity's Learning and research activities.

  • Should we use the already established but quite oblong term Learning and research activities?!!
  • Another idea: discriminate between Activities and Action? Activities: representations in Wikiversity / Action: all that happens in CoP / i.e. outside Wikiversity, maybe just
I'm not so happy with the distinction between "learning" and "research" in the context of the TAO CoP. According to my understanding, in the context of the TAO CoP "research" will primarily take the following forms:
(1) Action Research/Action Learning, taking place in close co-operation between researchers and practitioners;
(2) Transfer of academic knowledge to practical situations.
In (1), doing research and learning from practical challenges kind of go together. In (2) it is mainly the dissemination part of the research process we are focusing on, which, from a practitioner's perspective is "learning".
--Beat Estermann 09:53, 21 February 2012 (UTC)Reply
As I'm not familiar with most actions going on within and around TAO (besides the Wikiversity part) the "Personas" part was the most difficult for me to put down while creating the graphic. I think we can go with your understanding and just cancel/ignore the distiniction between "learning" and "research", thus resulting in:
(1) Using the term "Module" instead of "Learning and research activity", while pointing out (at an adequate prominent place) that we use "Module" synonymical. Effect: adjusted wording wihtin Wikiversity aiming to lessen confusion.
(2) Not distinguishing between "learning" and "research" in a distinct and formal way while developing the personas, at least not aming for or focusing on it.
Regarding the graphic I think the "Personas" part will remain "under construction" and description and definitions will be found during: TAO/Creating_Personas_and_Working_with_Them. Maybe I'll find some time to remove the formal distinction between "learning" and "research" which the table currently found there suggests.
--Simon Lüke 00:09, 23 February 2012 (UTC)Reply

General Comments edit

  • A Glossary can easily derived from the graphic (Community of Practice; Module: previously going under the term "handbook", "Chapters" of a handbook could be seen as modules; Ressource: somehow smallest entity, normally a page in Wikiverisity, which used this term in the first place.; ...)
  • While creating the graphic Simon experieced the connection between learnig and research activity. While trying to document things became much more clear.
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