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Critical path analysis notes listEdit

  • Net present value accounting (long term economics)
    • as opposed to N-year (e.g. 5-year or 10-year) extrapolation
    • more accurate than N-year
    • insurance companies using N-year instead of NPV go out of business in 2N years under most conditions
    • government is the insurer of last resort
  • National security
    • mental health
    • obesity
      • in recruiting
      • government disinformation[1]
      • epidemiological causes include psychological conditions of scarcity proportional to rising housing costs (people eat more when they don't know how to pay for housing)
  • Wind fuels
    • compete with OPEC
    • eliminate resource wars
    • fewer carcinogens from coal and petroleum
    • reduce extreme weather risks including flood damage
  • Amnesty for nonviolent offenders?[2][3][4]
  • Parole reform?
  • Risk assessments
  • Accurate diagnoses
  • Single payer savings[5] with 40% universal preventative care savings [6][7][8][9]
  • Corporate top tax bracket rate should be larger than individuals'[10]
  • Mortgage reform[11] but preserving bankers' bonuses this time
  • Class size reduction
  • Increased teacher salaries
  • Higher education tuition reduction
  • Multilateral tax haven treaty -- already started at OECD Paris
  • Budget simulation (last but not least)
    • real property values
    • graduation rates
    • consumer spending

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Health and inequality documentariesEdit

On the documentary/educational video side, California Newsreel produces some exceptional work on the topic of health and inequality, among others. It's framed by scientific studies and includes some of the epidemiological findings discussed in the main article. Natural Causes is of particular note. Unfortunately, there are draconian licensing and pricing issues which limits the availability and reach of this work, but they really are a great resource in the video platform.

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Misc to do itemsEdit

Tax day link dumpEdit

Some subset of these articles also need to be incorporated:

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