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Hello dear reader English is not my Owen language, but I love this language as my mother language. Now I am gonna say something about its grammar maybe there will have some mistakes. If you will find them you can certainly correct them.


I will make some sentences in the present for example. There is no time like the present ,so love what you are doing now .so the examples i will give are continuous in the present.these are happening now.

I am flying in the sky.

I am hiking.

I am having my hair cut.

I am loving this language.

I am running in the way.

I am gonna be a website editor.

I am gonna be a teacher.

I am gonna make you happy ,so please give me a smile ,like I am loving things and this world.

It comes to us.

We are in the classroom now.

We are not listening the teacher.

We are playing cellphones.

We are in the mood for candies like children,because they are sweet ,they make us feel warm.

We are gonna be someone.

We are all wanna be someone.

We are not facing the reality.

We are looking through the windows.

We are babies now.

We are becoming adults now.

We are changing.

You are a good person.

You are a bad person.

You are not able to say about me now.

You are doing a great thing .

You are wasting your time.

You are reading these.

You are a reader.

You are a quitter.

You are failed.

You are walking.

You are ingesting.

You are doing.

These are describing one person.

I will say about somepeople ,and many people doing.

You two are watering hearts.

You are in a runnings race.

You are living people.

You are gifts for this world.

You are loving your life in your ways.

You are thinking about these in your ways.

You are doing in this moment.

You are living in the corners of the earth.

You are connecting with me by internet.

You are cherishing you life in any way.

You are not sitting at many kinds of places.

You are lucky people.

He is working for living.

He is working for happiness.

He is working for his needs.

He is doing anything for make people happy.

He is a baby.

He is in want of a mother.

He is gonna be a good person.

He is a banker .

He is banking.

He is a lover.

He is getting crazy.

He is flying in his dream.

She is getting better than usual.

She is making herself more beautiful.

She is trying to attract people.

She is playing piano ,because she is loving it.

She is making money for being happy.

She is hurting herself.

She is drinking poison.

She is smoking.

She is drinking beer.

She is dancing.

It is getting hotter and hotter in these days.

It is becoming lovelier to be a good pet.

It is gonna be alright.

It is eating me alive.

It is a bad sentence.

It is blue like the sky.

It is lighting up the whole world.

It is coming towards me.

It is gonna get worse.

It is yours.

It is so good.

They are knowing one another.

They are listening classes in their classroom.

They are good boys.

They are playing games in the internet café.

They are welcoming customers.

They are ordering foods.

They are hungry.

They are correction my mistakes.

They are feeding cats.

They are stocking.

(The preceding unsigned comment was added by Hurry0809 (talkcontribs) 25 March 2019)

past tense of verbs.Edit

Is there any expressions that discribes the past action without the past tense of be verbs,the past tense of helping verbs and the past tense of verbs? Hurry0809 (discusscontribs) 02:33, 25 March 2019 (UTC)

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