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This diagram had been made covering the exchanging and transforming of both matters and energies. By summarizing several cycles such as C, N , S - the traveling of the basic elements' compounds, water vapour's loss and returning back, chemical production and destruction pg O3 etc., it shows three functional characteristics of earth's matter & energy: grouping distribution, layers' filtration, and cycling.

1. Grouping distribution: Here, as in Wiki-versity, I want to state something more from tertiary education's perspective. From my childhood, every time when I tried to learn something from this kind of flow diagrams taught by my teachers in Chemistry or Geography, I usually thought: WoW, O3 cycles is just existing in the top stratosphere as it was drawn out. That's correct, and also not really correct. Indeed, the matter carrying energy is distributing in certain scope of Spaces & Times, of which their gatherings are as in several groups. Just the densities are varying differently. It also is influenced by the situations of the localization of earth's surface. In addition, in dimension-spaces, N pole's situation should be different with the temperate zones'. Therefore, the boundaries of the grouping distribution should be a blurred definition continuing to make their transition from one to another in their own channels, from layer to layer.

I thought this kind of diagrams were made out for clearly associating students to make senses of the cycling of both harmful and beneficial matters which carrying energies - how they have been likely working. 'Likely' isn't 'exactly'. Therefore, as the teachers, we also need to clearly interpret it - to tell our students this is a theoretical and abstracted definitive modelling rather than the practical reality. The boundaries of each layer might be covering thousands miles and some exceptional situations might also be allowed.

2. Layers 'filtration: This point can be interpreted like- the escaping procedure of matters from the spaces-times is also a procedure of layers' filtration made by spaces-times - 'escaping with energy' and 'holding back & keeping' are in one contradiction. The situation of it is similar to the interpretation of Gravitational Wave; or to say, it somehow is influenced by Gravitational Wave - this very important but hardly observed factor (,_Han&oldid=1523613). They were relatively unified together as the forces and opposite-forces in classical system. Depending on the different situations of matters and energies, their gravities and their own mechanisms will be also different. Then, it gives the possibilities to the atmosphere to filtrate the escaping matters with energies layer by layer.

All in all, we can see: the different matters are distributing and flowing in their own travelling channels on their different layers - for example, Pollutions' cycling is distributed from the surface of earth to the bottom and middle troposphere; meanwhile, O3's cycling - from production to destruction is covering the top troposphere to stratosphere etc. The light-weighted matter with high-energy can finally escape to be on the higher level, such as water vapour. However, some others would be down.

'Layers' filtration' theory should be a vivid recognition with vitality supported by new findings. The further interpretation and discussions we can together think, talk and make the communications with the scientists.

3. Finally, Through the learning and literature review, I found there were also the huge circles between oceans and continent, and also between oceans and atmosphere : - it was reflected and represented by the Carbon's cycling and exchanging. If we put this part as the supplement up to the diagram, much more holistic recognitions can be made by us.

4. The watching of this diagram's content made me feel hopeless, very sad and negative. I can see the matters and energies' losses and pollution damages' enlarging, such as O3's destruction caused by multiple-factors and so on, and water's losses caused by artificial and natural impacts which leading to Deserts. However, I can not see the modifications we have already done to better our ecological system.

In conclusion, this diagram is a piece of a good-qualified teaching and learning material, but need the teachers to carefully interpret supported by the advanced technologies and sciences of current. If the encouragement and positive re-cycling parts would have been put onto it, our 'tomorrow' will be motivated batter. We, as the human beings, need the hopes of our 'tomorrows'.

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