TESOL/Vocabulary quiz (up)

Phrasal verbs with the preposition "up" are one of the most numerous kinds in English. This is a quiz of some of them. For a complete list, see the category at Wiktionary.

Up! Up! Up!

stop counting
gather in a group
have a particular effect

review, improve a skill
relax, stop worrying
change one's hairstyle

say something unexpected
temporarily be too emotional to speak
be unable to sleep

make oneself attractive
make an elaborate lie
continue, stay ahead

5 end up

conclude in, eventually do, arrive at
finish, complete, finalize
present, say, explain
send to, deliver to

wash or groom oneself to be attractive
update information
organize to make something neater
make something more efficient

cover, keep hidden
continue, stay even or ahead, maintain
convince, persuade, force into
make someone tired

fall off
relax, loosen

meet someone, by arrangement
make something complicated
continue, stay even or ahead, maintain
get lucky

10 ride up

continue, stay even or ahead, maintain
finish riding
ride closer to someone
ride a long distance