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Statements edit

Pavel Richter, Foto: Die Hoffotografen, Berlin, CC-BY-SA 3.0

“The growing number of active older persons, their life experience and their knowledge are a potential that the online encyclopedia Wikipedia should make better use of.”

Pavel Richter, executive director, Wikimedia Germany

Link to Wikimedia Germany's project Silberwissen (Silver Knowledge)

“Approximately one half of Swiss citizens above the age of 65 believe that the internet would be used more frequently by older persons if it was more age-appropriate.”

Hans Rudolf Schelling, executive director, Centre for Gerontology, University of Zurich

Link to some characteristics of older adults and their use of internet

“Together with older persons we want to find out how the internet can open an additional window to the world and how it can help to retain freedom and independence in older age.”

Markus Marquard, research associate, Centre for General Scientific Continuing Education (ZAWiW), University of Ulm

Link to a survey on older adults' use of internet and their benefit from it

“Joining an online community is an excellent opportunity for making new contacts, learning, finding interesting tasks, involving yourself, and finding out about new technologies that facilitate and enrich one's everyday life.”

Alfons Bühlmann, Seniorweb Switzerland

Link to the activities of Seniorweb CH: the project Free Cruise on the Internet and e-learning activities

“Online communities let people learn from each other and help each other. They can expand their social network and get to know people they wouldn’t have met otherwise. All this enriches their daily lives.”

Kai Grabenhorst, SeniorWeb The Netherlands

Link to seniorweb.nl's activities: Online contact service and online co-creation

Testimonials edit

Wikipedia (e.g. Silver Knowledge)

Senior author, Ulm 2011, Photo by Elvira Schmidt, CC-BY-SA 3.0

“I include my know-how of 25 years of university lectures in nature sciences to the Wikipedia. Initially I only improved some articles, meanwhile I also could publish a number of new articles.”

“My start in the Wikipedia community was simply a coincidence. I had heard about this »encyclopedia to write along« and liked the idea. My first contribution was the correction of a spelling error and I haven't stopped contributing ever since.”

Statement of a 60 year-old woman


“About two years ago I took notice of Facebook. I can learn more about new friends, I'm interested in their profiles and their friends. I also can rediscover old, forgotten contacts. The registration process is not so pleasant, one also needs to get acquainted to Facebook's structure. I often feel mislead, sometimes I needed a lot of time only receiving an unsatisfactory result if Facebook tells me that »friends« expect me. What is meant by friends in Facebook? Would this kind of Facebook friends be ready to help me if I would move house? I miss specialized fields or rather subjects to start with. If Facebook is used goal-oriented I don't want to go without it!”

Frank L., AK Media of ZAWiW

Seniorweb Switzerland

“I stumbled upon Seniorweb while surfing the internet. I was intrigued by the announcement of an excursion to the museum of communication in Bern. After meeting members of Seniorweb in real-life, I joined the regional Seniorweb group in my home canton. We have regular offline get-togethers. As I got to know the other members of the group I became more interested in meeting them online as well.”

Statement of a 69 year-old active user of Seniorweb