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Are you a teacher and/or volunteer working with older adults in the field of online communities?

The Handbook includes some interesting information for you, whether you work with e-learning/blended learning for seniors or any other type of online activity for seniors related to online communities or social networks.

Relevant modules edit

These modules are only a proposition - see the table of contents to roam for things you personally find interesting!

To learn what the Handbook is all about and get an overall impression of its contents, go to the introduction.

Practical Information edit

You might find the following modules on organising activities interesting:

Furthermore, we have gathered information on different online tools you may use - see the overview in the table of contents.

Background information edit

The different groups of older adults that might be interested in online communities, their motivation and possible benefits are described in the chapter on target groups.

It is important to know how to approach the target group. Some ideas are given in the module about fostering their online participation.

Additionally, there is an overall description of the relationship between older adults and online communities.

Another chapter outlines how one can work with volunteers in online communities and how they benefit from this work.

Activities edit

Depending on the type of activity you work in, you may find any of the described activities in this chapter interesting - have a look at the overview in the table of contents.